Maintaining Pools and Hot Tubs During COVID-19 Shutdown

Maintaining Pools and Hot Tubs During COVID-19 Shutdown 456 276 NEHA COVID-19

Pools and Hot Tubs need to be maintained during the COVID-19 Shutdown

There is no evidence to suggest recreational pools and hot tubs can spread the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated, as long as they are maintained.

Proper maintenance and disinfection — such as the use of chlorine and bromine — should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19, the CDC says.

Hotels, recreation centers, homeowner associations and apartment complexes are all closing their pools in response to the outbreak. But to prevent disease, they must be maintained.

“Swimming pools and hot tubs still need to be maintained even without people using them,” says Sabeena Hickman, President & CEO of the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. “Some states, such as Michigan are not allowing pool companies or disinfection chemicals to be sold to maintain proper pool and hot tub water quality to prevent COVID -19.”

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