Environmental Health

COVID-19 EH Response Online Community

An interactive social storehouse to help public health professionals to engage in discussions, connect with peers, and share resources and templates on COVID-19 communication, training, and inspections.

The COVID-19 EH Response Forum is a supplementary resource to NEHA’s COVID Resource Website. NEHA recognizes the need for a credible resource repository that would help environmental health professionals (EHPs) to gain access to best practices on COVID-19 response, recovery, and resilience-building and as they relate to environmental health. In addition to a resource repository, NEHA has created the COVID-19 EH Response Forum to allow users to engage on the virtual platform by engaging in discussions, connecting with peers, and promoting relevant events.

Instructions to Join the COVID-19 EH Response Online Community

If you are interested in joining NEHA’s COVID-19 EH Response Online Community, you can sign up at:


NEHA membership is not required to be a member of the Community; however, you will need to create a my-NEHA account through www.NEHA.org if you do not have one. Once the profile is created, under your profile tab, click on “Create COVID-19 EH Response Online Community Application.” Click the checkbox to indicate that you would like to join the community. NEHA Staff will add you to the community and you will receive a notification that you have been added.

For any questions or concerns about membership or participation on the online community, please contact covid19@neha.org.