Coronavirus Disease 2019


Selection of articles to inform readers on current issues and new research on COVID-19.

Environmental health workforce – essential for interdisciplinary solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic

Interdisciplinary public health solutions are vital for an effective COVID-19 response and
recovery. However, there is often a lack of awareness and understanding of the environmental
health workforce connections and capabilities. In the United States, this is a foundational function
of health departments and is the second largest public health workforce. The primary role is to
protect the public from exposures to environmental hazards, disasters and disease outbreaks. More
specifically, this includes addressing risks relating to sanitation, drinking water, food safety, vector
control and mass gatherings. This profession is also recognized in the Pandemic and All-Hazards
Preparedness and Advancing Innovation Act of 2019. Despite this, the profession is often not
considered an essential service. Rapid integration into COVID-19 activities can easily occur as
most are government employees and experienced working in complex and stressful situations. This
role, for example, could include working with leaders, businesses, workplaces and churches to
safely reopen, and inspections to inform, educate, and empower employers, employees and the
public on safe actions. There is now the legislative support, evidence and a window of opportunity
to truly enable interdisciplinary public health solutions by mobilizing the environmental health
workforce to support COVID-19 response, recovery and resilience activities.

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COVID-19 Safety Warning from NEHA

Third parties claiming to be affiliated with NEHA have contacted a number of individuals regarding COVID-19 home inspections and have requested personal information. These parties are NOT affiliated with NEHA. Furthermore, NEHA will never ask for personal information over the phone in that manner. As such, please disregard these requests. Also, if you are willing, please share the incidences with us at

For more information on COVID-19 Safety Tips and Warnings, please visit the Federal Communications Commission website.