Environmental Health


Guidance on Food Safety Topics and Various Environmental Health Situations Through Video Training

Just in Time Video Series by NEHA

The Just in Time Video Series has been developed by The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) to provide guidance on Food Safety topics and various environmental health situations. Each video training offers an overview of a topic and provides concise guidance for acceptable, safe and alternative operations.

Just in Time: COVID-19: Clashes, Communications, & Coronavirus

Just in Time: Farmers Marketing Safe Operations

This Just in Time from NEHA offers an orientation to the new normal and insight to increase the likelihood of environmental health professionals succeeding in potentially stressful situations as they work to assist in reopening phases of commerce and recreation after lengthy COVID-19 quarantine and isolation declarations.

Do you operate a Farmer’s Market, and wonder what guidelines you should follow? This video training addresses issues, notes potential hazards, and offers practical solutions for smoothly operating a Farmers Market.

Just in Time: FDA Temporary Guidance – Packaged Food Nutrition Labeling

COVID-19: Workplace & Employee Health Suggested Health Practices

This training summarizes key aspects of FDA temporary guidance regarding nutrition labels and a separate announcement for a manufacturer nutrition label extension.

This Just in Time from NEHA highlights best practices and policy considerations for employers as they develop a plan to minimizing the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace, ensuring optimal employee health while transitioning from telework back to the workplace environment. These best practices include the implementation of a basic COVID-19 health check, tracker, and policy development supplemented by hygiene and disinfection practices. This video also addresses questions regarding authoritative guidance and compliance related to CDC, ADA, and EEOC, along with federal, state, and local policies.