EH Heroes in the time of COVID-19: Traci Michelson

EH Heroes in the time of COVID-19: Traci Michelson 200 250 NEHA COVID-19

In the coming months, we will dedicate the Day in the Life of an EH Professional Blog to stories of our members responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from the frontlines. Now more than ever, the often unseen work of environmental health professionals is a linchpin to keeping our communities safe, healthy, and informed. Our aim is to shine a light on this essential work through the stories of NEHA members. 

Our first contributor to this series is Traci Michelson, MS, REHS, CP-FS. Traci has been a NEHA member for almost 20 years. She serves on the Board of Directors for the NEHA Business and Industry Affiliate and will soon take a spot on the NEHA Board of Directors as Region 5 Vice President. Traci is a Senior Manager of Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Brinker International, one of the country’s leading casual dining restaurant companies.

In her interview, Traci details the steps that her food safety and quality assurance team has undertaken to keep customers and staff safe during this time. She discusses how the private and public sector can work together and offers this advice, “This is the time to lean into each other for knowledge, insight, and alignment on what matters most to us – keeping people safe and healthy.”

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